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This year started with a bang for Zwanny-Ltd, as they were involved with heavy fuel spills in 2 major UK ports, one each side of the country.

Zwanny Ltd supplies high quality products and were contacted to supply the Marine Oil Boom 20 (MOB20 oil boom), which is 100% polypropylene including the centre core and is manufactured in Manchester.

Each MOB20 has a large percentage of recycled polypropylene in the centre core and is easy to use and to handle, normally normally supplied as four 20cm x 3m sections in a pack, each boom will have snap hooks and rust proofed metal connection rings and will have a nylon rope running through the boom. This will prevent the boom from twisting or snagging on debris and is ideally suited for inland or near shore spill applications.

The MOB20 even when saturated will retain buoyancy, will continue remaining as a spill barrier and can stretch with out failing.

Each MOB20 will have the approximate absorbentcy of 186 litres of hydrocarbons only and no water would be absorbed due to the boom fabric make up at the meltblown stage in the factory. All the MOB20 products fully comply with being fire retardant as per ASTM726, which other marine absorbent booms might not comply to. For more information or to discuss your marine boom requirements why not contact us at Zwanny-ltd we have got these boom in stock and can offer a very short delivery time.

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