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Baltic Workboats is a modern, well-equipped shipyard with a highly skilled workforce of over 200 people. During the last 17 years they have delivered more than 190 highly versatile vessels. Designed and built for the demands of governments, research institutions and multinational companies in over 20 countries worldwide.

Baltic Workboats worldwide customers of marine professional have come to depend on Baltic Workboats to deliver highly capable, reliable and durable workboats. Vessels that connect communities and support businesses; that protect marine borders and promote enhanced security; vessels that carry out search and rescue operations as well as completing scientific research and environmental work. A wide array of: Harbor Pilots, Coast Guards, Police, Customs Officials, Fish Inspection Teams and Scientific Researchers rely on the Baltic Workboats fleet every day. Each of their specific ocean vessel requirements are tailored to the exacting specifications and needs of these marine professionals, pilots and captains.

Baltic Workboats won the Best Builder of a Large Pollution Control Craft Award for 2018 for the build of the Patrol 45 WP Hybrid patrol ship to Estonian Police and Border Guard. The winner was judged on the design, build and functionality of the vessel and was issued by Work Boat World magazine. The 45-metre ship built by Baltic Workboats is equipped with Editron hybrid electric drivetrain systems, allowing efficient and quiet electric cruising and a swift, powerful reaction to emergencies.

The wave-piercing patrol ship will be used by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Service, mainly for use in combating pollution threats. It is the largest patrol vessel ever built by Baltic Workboats, and the first in the firm’s emerging range of battery hybrid patrol ships.

The vessel contains an Editron marine system, which is half the size of a conventional diesel-electric propulsion and power plant system, making itthe most compact on the market today. The system’s highly-efficient and lightweight Danfoss Permanent Magnet Machines reduce fuel and running costs, significantly reducing both payback period and CO2 emissions. The control and monitoring software, and the control systems are all integrated into one single system made by Baltic Workboats.

While the ship will also be used for patrolling, firefighting, and search and rescue missions in Estonian waters, its main role will be monitoring and responding to pollution threats, using state-of-the-art radar that can detect surface contamination, such as oil spills, from up to five miles away. The Editron propulsion lets it leap into action with a top speed of 27 knots, while the fully-integrated energy storage system allows electric cruising at typical working speeds of up to 10 knots. The Editron marine systems’ extremely low vibrations and noise also give the patrol boat the ability to run in stealth mode while carrying out anti-smuggling operations.

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