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A flurry of 15 orders in December, from B.V. Temaro – The Dutch Marine Suppliers, who are Solar Solve Marine’s Rotterdam based World Wide Distributor, ensured a great ending to a successful year for both partner companies. It meant that once again, South Shields based Solar Solve Ltd ended the year in a stronger position than they began it. It also meant that for the first time in a very long time B.V. Temaro went up to the No.1 spot in Solar Solve’s TOP CUSTOMER list, after more than 15 years at No. 2, below Korea, having supplied SOLASOLV anti-glare roller sunscreens and ROLASOLV Type Approved roller blinds to around 100 vessels in 2018.

B.V. Temaro was founded over sixty-five years ago and is owned by the Scheffer family, whose current MD is third generation family member Ronald Scheffer, supported by his committed team of highly experienced B.V. TEMARO staff. They have a unique expertise in supplying shipyards, shipping companies and the offshore oil and installation industry with every possible type of accommodation-related item including upholstery, flooring, bedding, complete galley outfits, cabin equipment, work clothes and all of Solar Solve Marine’s Type Approved roller sunblind product range. John Lightfoot MBE, Solar Solve’s chairman, first met Ronald’s father Hans Scheffer in 1992 after John advertised for World Wide Distributors for his products and they instantly realised that their 2 businesses had much in common and would make good trading partners.

John Commented, “This is a fantastic achievement for the Scheffer family and the great team of people who work at Temaro. On the scale of things, normal expectations would be that if Korea were going to be toppled from their long-standing 1st Place position it would be by one of their near-neighbours in the Far East. The Netherlands is probably not the country that most people would expect to be the successor, unless they had met the Temaro Team and become infected with their pride and determination to delight their customers.”

“I don’t think either Hans or I expected that our 2 companies would be trading so successfully, 27 years after we first met.”

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