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Jenkins Marine have for many years been involved with regular refit and docking work for the sandbanks chain ferry, operated by the Bournemouth Motor Road and Ferry Company. Every two years the ferry must be removed from it’s running chains for surveys, inspections, maintenance and general upkeep.

Last year the ferry had to be dry docked, and the owners decided to take the vessel to Falmouth. As usual, Jenkins Marine were on hand to remove the ferry from it’s chains, which involved; the shallow draft workboat ‘Buffalo‘ (with deck crane), small assistant workboat ‘Alu2‘ and shallow draft 10 ton bollard pull twin screw tug ‘Polmear‘, together with careful supervision and many hands!

Following removal the ferry had to be towed into Poole, using Jenkins Tugs ‘Handfast‘ and ‘Polmear’, as weather conditions were not suitable for coastal towage. A few days later conditions improved and 15t BP tug Handfast was used to tow the ferry to Falmouth, with assistance of tug ‘Polmear’ and a local pilot to escort them out of the harbour limits.

Following the dry docking with AP Falmouth, the Handfast returned to tow the ferry back to Poole where she was then put back on her chains, and is now up and running again!

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