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Nippon Paint Maine (Europe) has reported a 35% increase in consolidated sales as it looks to strengthen its position with new marine coating products and expansion into new geographical areas and market sectors.

Since it was established in 2016, Nippon Paint Marine (Europe) and its 100% subsidiary Nippon Paint Marine (Turkey) has seen “considerable growth in sales” due in part to the market success of its fuel-saving A-LF Sea antifouling product, particularly in the LNG/LPG and cruise vessel segments.

Michel Wilckens, Managing Director, Nippon Paint Marine (Europe) GmbH, said:

“Since the market introduction of our unique low friction, hydrogel-based coatings in 2007, more than 3,000 vessels have been applied with this unique marine technology. We anticipate further growth as more ship operators apply the technology as a way of reducing fuel consumption to meet new emissions regulations.”

Michel Wilckens, Managing Director, Nippon Paint Marine (Europe) anticipates further growth

Increased interest has also been registered for NPM’s speciality products such as the solvent free, fibre-reinforced epoxy mastic EPOBARR; Neoguard Toughness, an abrasion resistant, easy-to-clean epoxy for cargo tanks; and the recently introduced Aquaterras, the world’s first and only biocide-free SPC antifouling.

“Nippon Paint Marine has long been at the forefront of marine coatings technology,” said Wilckens. “With the introduction of Aquaterras, we can provide shipowners and managers with an antifouling product that is not only free of biocides and heavy metals but can also further reduce fuel consumption through its ultra-smooth surface.”

John Drew, Director, Nippon Paint Marine (Europe) GmbH, said:

John Drew, Director, Nippon Paint Marine (Europe) GmbH: “The Middle East Area has become an important focal point.”

“Aquaterras has now been applied to a number of vessels in the cruise, containership and bulker markets and we are keen to establish this unique coating across new geographical sectors, such as the Middle East.

“The Middle East Area has become an important focal point for our customers, especially following the rapid increase in drydock capacity. In order to strengthen our regional presence and improve product availability and technical services Nippon Paint Marine (Europe) will open a new sales and distribution office in the UAE, later this year.

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