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Don Quixote Recycled & Repurposed to Create the 23m CTV, Iceni Revenge, Ready for Seawork 2019

Turner Iceni will be exhibiting the newly recycled and repurposed Iceni Revenge at Seawork. Based on the Don Quixote, a 20m South Boat, purchased by Turner Iceni in January this year from Vroon, Iceni Revenge has been lengthened to 23m and now incorporates 20,000 litres of fuel storage.

Iceni Revenge has been re-engined with twin MAN V12-1400 main engines and Hamilton HM651 jets, incorporating a new AVX control system and jet anchor. Iceni Revenge is capable of sprint speeds of 30 knots and a continuous operational speed in excess of 25 knots at 85% engine load.

To enable refuelling operations, the donor vessel has been lengthened to 23m, enabling a total fuel capacity of 20,000 litres, together with 30,000 kg of cargo capacity split between a bow deck of 24m2 and an aft deck of 63m2.

The interior has been completely refreshed with a re-designed galley and updated passenger saloon, featuring 12 x High Speed Code Annex 10 seats.

The updated bridge features a JRC JMA5210-6 IMO main radar system with a Furano TZ Pro second radar, together with seating for up to three crew.

Richard Thurlow, Director at Turner Iceni: “Taking an asset that has seen better days, then recycling and repurposing it for today’s market is, we believe, a first for the industry - one we have achieved together with Diverse Marine on the Isle of Wight. Iceni Revenge now offers substantial fuel capacity, cargo capacity and a very comfortable environment for passengers, whilst also reducing Turner Iceni’s capital expenditure and carbon footprint. We can’t wait to welcome visitors on board at Seawork 2019.”

Ben Colman, Director at Diverse Marine: “With many of the staff and directors having been involved in the development and build of the donor vessel, Diverse Marine had extensive knowledge to offer during the lengthening and refit. But in the space of just a few months we have reengineered a crew transfer vessel that is now at the forefront of the industry, at a fraction of the cost of a new build.”

Iceni Revenge will be exhibited on the quay at Seawork 2019 at berth VB34 - with tours of the vessel available throughout the event.

Tel: +44 (0)1502 290030

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