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JFC Marine Aids to Navigation

With over 30 years’ experience manufacturing innovative products, JFC Marine supply a range of navigation buoys complete with Aton’s systems. Designed for use for both inshore and offshore applications JFC’S modular designed buoys are setting a new standard in floating aids to navigation.

JFC Marine offer an extensive range of aids to navigation equipment including lanterns, AIS systems, battery and solar powered solutions. They are being used to mark out shipping channels, hazardous waters, aquaculture sites and a variety of other marine installations.

JFC Marine have considered all aspects of the buoys life at sea which are designed and manufactured for the most demanding conditions using superior quality materials and considering ease of assembly both onshore or on deck of support vessels. They also boast excellent stability characteristics, power system versatility, and environmental credentials. Extra strength mooring and lifting eyes ensure ease of manoeuvrability and improved mooring flexibility and service life of the buoys.

By addressing key design criteria, JFC buoys can reduce costs and maximise service intervals. Safe access for maintenance personnel and ease of operation has been prioritised, as have all deployment, mooring and retrieval requirements.

“With our new buoy design and with the advances in technology we are now capable of adding new technologies and sensors to our buoys to provide real-time information to pilots at sea, information such as wave height, wind speed and water currents” Colin Concannon Head of Sales JFC Marine.

JFC Marine is a member of IALA (Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities), JFC buoys and beacons are available in a wide range of IALA recommended colours and configurations.

JFC Marine will showcase to the international market our award-winning product range including the Seagull and Gannet navigation buoys at the upcoming Seawork International Exhibition, Southampton 11 – 13 June 2019.

For further information on JFC Marine Aids to Navigation, contact us on: +353 (0)93 24066

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