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Elebia Launches NEO50 Lifting Hook

Elebia Autohooks S.L.U., the Spain-based smart lifting solutions company, has developed the NEO50 lifting hook. With a 50-ton (110,231lbs) lifting capacity, the NEO50 has been designed as a solution for lifting and transporting any load, as well as for oversized lifting points of up to 130mm in diameter.

The new Elebia NEO50 lifting hook comes with a safety factor of 4:1. It has been designed, like the rest of the company’s range of lifting products, under a fail-safe principle that makes it impossible to drop a suspended load. NEO50 can be remotely engaged and released with any Elebia remote control, which all allow simple and reliable fail-safe management of the lifting hook. All necessary orders can be sent and received with any of the remote controls straight to the NEO50 lifting hook.

Oscar Fillol, Founder and CEO at Elebia, says:

"There are still many lifting operations in all industries where hooks without a safety latch are used. The NEO50 simplifies this procedure and avoids the need of any human intervention necessary in securing a hook to the load. To aid lifting and maneuverability, the geometry of NEO50’s design avoids lifting any load on the tip of the hook, or tip loading. It also eliminates the human factor with no need to manually intervene during the procedure and minimises the risks associated with the lifting process.

“A laser pointer serves as a guide to perfectly place and set the NEO50 lifting hook in the correct position when approaching the lifting point. This is particularly useful in lifting operations where distance can cause the sense of depth to be misjudged."

Suitability for use with oversized lifting points is achieved by a dedicated space for the placement of the pin with enough area to load lifting points of up to 130mm in diameter.

The NEO50 is also equipped with a load cell. This load cell is precise, reliable, rugged, compact and fully integrated into the lifting hook, representing no increase in weight or dimensions of the unit.

A high capacity battery can be charged in three hours to provide enough power for 5,000 cycles/250 hours in standby mode. Two operating modes further help increase battery performance of the NEO50.

Fillol adds: “By means of the eMAX remote control, the electronics of the lifting hook can be configured so that when the battery charge is below a preset threshold by the user the hook can only be opened. With this threshold, even if the battery is almost discharged, you will always be able to open the lifting hook and release the load. The hook will remain closed even if the battery expires during use. A three-hour charge will then return the battery to full capacity.”

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