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Azcue Pumps

Watermota have seen a rise in pump package sales for this year. They are providing a range of vessels with pumps and spare parts to enable product replacement and on board maintenance. As an Azcue distributor Watermota are able to supply the full range for the marine, offshore, industrial, utilities, agriculture and mining sectors.

Recent projects include:

An existing UK customer has had products shipped to a vessel currently located in Estonia. Watermota are supplying a pair of pumps along with a full service package of spares in order to carry out planned maintenance. The pumps were supplied with BV full classification, therefore made to the highest standard and insured.

They have also recently supplied a range of pumps and parts for a 90 metre super yacht to provide on board stock ensuring minimum downtime of the luxury vessel. Watermota have been working with a marine procurement company who specialises in sourcing products and supplies for their clients.

Azcue pumps provide a range of pumps that can be customised to the specific needs of the client including colour co-ordination.

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