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Zwanny Ltd Provides a Beach Boom for Major UK Port

Zwanny recently supplied a couple of 100m beach booms to one of the major UK ports, which was supplied in 10m sections in boom bags. The boom has not been used in anger but a number training sessions with the port responder took place, and although the responder company never used the Zwanny supplied boom made in Finland by Lamor, it worked well and everybody was very impressed with the performance of the new boom.

One comment that was used on the water pump Zwanny supplies as part of the package is that it is possible for just one person to carry the pump onto the beach area. The pump is supplied with a Yanmar engine the port staff and contractor were very surprised of the quickness and capability of the pump compared to old equipment they had used.

The Zwanny beach boom made by Lamor does not only have to be used on beach, as it can be used land water interface sections, calm rivers or intertidal area’s both for ports or land applications. One of the key features of the boom they supply is that the boom will have splash flaps on the top end and is in a bright orange color for identification.

The Zwanny beach boom is manufactured in PU and would be supplied with ASTM z connector plates.

The Zwanny BSB consists of two levels of chambers; the upper air-filled chamber keeps the boom floating when in water and the two bottom water filled chambers provide ballast and seal the beach from oil contamination. The air chamber is equipped with 1 inch Monsun filling valves in each end of the chamber while the water ballast chambers are equipped with 2 inch Monsun water filling valves in each end and they offer this boom in 2 sizes – a height of 550mm or 650mm.

After use, the Zwanny Beach boom can be cleaned very easy, rolled up again and put back into its own vinyl boom carry bag

For more information on boom requirements being beach on inflatable or non inflatable boom Zwanny might just have the boom for you!

Please contact Zwanny for any enquiries:

Call: +44(0)7786071746

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