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New Floating Wave Attenuator in Walvis Bay

Integrated in the development of the new container terminal in the Port of Walvis Bay, NAMPORT has invested in the installation of a new floating wave attenuator to protect the basin for touristic boats in the area.

Lindley has been selected by the contractor China Harbour to design and supply the concrete pontoons, as well as to supervise the installation on site.

This 175-meter long and 4-meter wide wave attenuator is built of steel reinforced concrete and is fixed by concrete piles driven to the seabed. It can be accessed through a 15-meter long aluminium gangway and is equipped with electricity, water and emergency services.

According to NAMPORT, the goal of this container terminal is to boost trade in the southern part of Africa and create business opportunities in nearby countries without coast, such as Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia.

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