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Trusted by Marine Surveyors Around the World – for over 3 Decades

Using the Multiple-Echo technique approved by Classification Societies, all Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauges provide accurate and reliable metal thickness measurements without the need to remove coatings. The PLUS models also incorporate Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measuring modes for testing heavily corroded metals with front and/or back wall corrosion and pitting.

The wrist mountable Cygnus 4+ thickness gauge is well suited for marine surveys, with its simple to use menus on a large colour LCD screen, data logging with auto-log function, and radial points capability. For further validation of measurements, this UTM gauge also offers live A-scan and MSI™ (Measurement Stability Indicator) – ensuring only stable readings are displayed.

Testimonial from Dale Bradley, Principle Marine Surveyor

“Having owned and operated the Cygnus models two and three I recently upgraded to the Cygnus 4+. Cygnus has always been a brand to associate with reliable and accurate UTM readings. And working for a number of highprofile clients and MCA classification societies, this accuracy is mandatory. The Cygnus 4+ is not only small and lightweight, it is also wrist mounted to keep your hands free. The added functions are endless, and you can add comments in for single readings and add additional readings (outside the pre-determined grid) in as you are conducting the survey.

This is very useful if defect areas are identified as they can be clearly documented on the spot, rather than having to return after the record is completed. The back-office software is user friendly and has plenty of fields of extra information that can be added apparent to the vessel. After having a demonstration of the 4+ at the 2019 Seawork’s show I ordered the unit the following day. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, and the unit arrived promptly. The 4+ has helped me become more time efficient and produces a very informative report that is well accepted within industry.”

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