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Glamox Supplies Lighting to Low-Emission Shuttle Tankers

LED lighting specialist Glamox is delighted to be chosen as a supplier of lighting to four new shuttle tankers that will be owned and operated by Teekay Offshore. The vessels are equipped with technology that will substantially reduce the emission of CO2, NOx and SOx.

The first of the four vessels, Aurora Spirit, was launched from the floating dock at Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea in March 2019. The next three vessels will be completed in 2019/2020. The design concept incorporates technologies that allow the vessels to use their own emission as fuel. The annual emission reduction potential is estimated at up to 42% with fuel consumption reduced by up to 22% compared to traditional shuttle tankers. According to Teekay Offshore, Aurora Spirit and her three sisters will be the most environmentally friendly shuttle tankers ever built.

Glamox is supplying complete lighting packages to the four vessels. This includes navigation and search lights, explosion-proof lights, interior and technical lighting. Just like Teekay Offshore, Glamox has a strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency when it designs new lighting products. Glamox LED luminaires consume less than half of the energy of conventional marine lighting and produce considerably less waste.

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