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Aquamare Marine Develop Ultrasonic Antifouling for Commercial Applications

Plymouth based engineering experts Aquamare Marine, have established their Electronic Fouling Control (EFC) range as one of the UK’s foremost ultrasonic antifouling solutions. With a range of systems suitable for boats of all sizes EFC has proved very popular in the leisure boating sector but now Aquamare Marine have turned their focus and expertise to commercial applications of the technology with two major new developments.

Firstly, they have now developed a range of specific mounting accessories that enable ultrasonic transducers to be attached to pipes and water tanks meaning that the systems can also be used to clean water intake and disposal systems as well as the hull.

Secondly, they have now released their largest system to date, the EFC1200. This system comes with two intelligent control units and 12 ultrasonic transducers making it capable of providing effective antifouling on steel hull boats over 20m. Combined with the fact that multiple EFC systems can be installed means that ultrasonic anti‑fouling can now be used on even larger commercial vessels.

Mike Sommerfeld, Director explains: “Our EFC system actually works better in commercial vessels as the rigid steel hull construction is more effective in transmitting ultrasonic frequencies. Given that a badly fouled hull can increase hull resistance by up to 40%, almost half the fuel economy of certain vessels and greatly reduced speed and engine wear, we feel this system is vital for commercial vessels.”

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