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Diverse Marine and High Speed Transfers Select NWF Fuels to Reduce Emissions Even Further on New Bui

Diverse Marine, the industry leading workboat constructor and refit/repair provider and High Speed Transfers and industry leading CTV operator has selected NWF Fuels to supply HVO30 for the first fueling of the new build hybrid CTV, HST ELLA.

HVO30 is made from 30% hydrogenated vegetable oil and a marine gas oil fuel blend specified compliant EN590. Compared to standard marine gas oil, HVO30 is predicted to result in around 30% reduction in equivalent CO2 emissions. The renewable fuel is created from 100% waste vegetable oils and holds a proof of sustainability certificate from the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) system.

HST ELLA is the first new build CTV in the world to be first filled with HVO30 and demonstrates commitment for the companies involved to reach New Zero.

NWF has the exclusive agreement with ESSO for the supply of HVO30 in the UK.

Ben Colman, Director of Diverse Marine states, “We are proud to have been selected to build HST ELLA for HST and to have facilitated the first fueling of the vessel with HVO30, a milestone moment for the shipbuilding and offshore wind industries. Diverse Marine are grateful to NWF to understand the benefits to the environment and the smooth negotiation and delivery of the HVO30.”

Tom Nevin, Director of High Speed Transfers adds, “We are pleased that Diverse Marine has committed to fueling HST ELLA from the outset with HVO30, which coupled to the hybrid system installed demonstrates the commitment HST has to reducing vessel carbon emissions.”

Will Merrick of NWF Fuels adds: “We are delighted and proud to be part of the windfarm industries strategy to reduce carbon output, by providing our ESSO HVO30 product into Windfarm CTV’s. We provide direct vessel refueling services at most UK ports, ensuring our customers receive a service that best suits their operation. ESSO HVO30 is fast becoming the product of choice for forward thinking, renewable fuel focused operators. ESSO HVO30 is EN590 specification and is also completely FAME free, making filter blocking and quality issues a thing of the past. We are also delighted to be in partnership with AJ Fuel Services ( as our Marine agent of choice for specialist service enhancements.”


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