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Doosan Chosen for New Cleopatra 32 Hull Design

MFV Endeavour is a Shetland based fishing vessel (Under 10-Meter) and they have chosen the Doosan LO86TIM 315hp engine for the Cleopatra 32 hull design vessel.

The Boatbuilder required a full engine drive line package with facility for front end take off. This was the first of a new hull design for the boat builder. Doosan was chosen due to continued relationship between Watermota, Boatbuilder and end customer and professional support available at the end customers location.

The specification was 1 x Doosan LO86TIM 315hp @ 2300rpm configured with stainless steel wet exhaust and multi gauge analogue instrument panel. As well as 1 x ZF 286IV 14° V-drive gearbox, with a ZF clear command control system with master and slave control stations.

For more information on this project or your requirements please contact Watermota.


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