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Further PortBin Tide in The UK Ports

Zwanny’s (SpillTech) stationary collector for floating waste in ports has changed its name.

They are now called PortBin tide. The reason for this is that the PortBin tide will take advantage of the tide having optimal levelling of tide while collecting floating plastics, cans, cups and other floating waste.

The PortBin range has of three different units; PortBin tide shallow, PortBin tide, and PortBin XL.

With three options in the range the shallow unit only needs a depth of 90cm while the standard PortBin tide would require a depth of at least 120cm. These two options have got a 30 litre basket and when full needs to be emptied manually by hand. These two types would be supplied with a non-inflatable boom that will guide the rubbish to the unit.

The third unit in the range is the PortBin XL — the big brother in the range, with a collecting volume of around 1000 litres. This unit will sit in a corner and will work on its own but if needed can be supplied with a guide boom. When full, the basket can be lifted out by crane and all the collected waste can be put into a skip.

Each unit has got a specially designed pump that will run for many hours.

The PortBin tide family will save the cost of a person(s) going in around the port or marina with a boat and net fishing out the floating rubbish. Why not look at cost savings for your port/marina/river and let nature do some of the hard work and save time?

Zwanny have just supplied, in July 2020, another UK Port with a PortBin tide (the standard type) as they also recognised the great cost saving benefits and ability to keep ports clean. There are now a number of PortBin tide units in the UK and speaking to the ports who have got them they are happy with the product and if a visit is needed this can be arranged.

Why not contact Zwanny to discuss how the PortBin can be of use to you?

Tel: +44 (0)1633 968086


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