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Glamox Supplies Energy Efficient LED Lighting to Team Britannia’s Superboat Excalibur

LED lighting specialist Glamox has supplied energy efficient LED lighting to Team Britannia’s 80ft superboat Excalibur. The lighting includes Glamox Series 60 LED navigation lights and TL50 LED luminaires.

Team Britannia is a multi-million pound British bid to design and build the fastest and most fuel efficient semi-wave slicing superboat to circumnavigate the globe for the much-coveted UIM world record, currently held by the New Zealander Pete Bethune at 60 days 23 hours 49 minutes.

The decision to fit energy efficient LED lighting is just one of the many ‘green’ measures taken by the crew to reduce the impact of the record attempt. The superboat’s design is based on a revolutionary semi-wave slicing design by Professor Bob Cripps which will reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent. The marine-grade aluminium construction of the boat is fully recyclable.

In order to meet the ‘green’ design specification of the superboat and to withstand the rigours of the round the world record attempt, every supplier, material, product and onboard equipment were carefully selected by the crew.

The Aqua Signal Series 60 from Glamox is a long-life LED navigation light with integrated countdown system. These navigation lights eliminate any concerns about failing lanterns. Series 60 navigation lights are designed to last for 100,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 45°C – that’s twice the life of most competing products.

The TL50 LED luminaire is designed to meet maritime requirements and to reduce energy consumption. The combination of materials and lighting design ensures excellent heat management and a long lifetime, making it suitable for a wide range of outdoor marine lighting applications such as workshops, stores and passageways.

Tommy Stranden, General Manager of Glamox commented: “Glamox is delighted to support Team Britannia’s round the world record attempt, as we see the boat as a symbol for the future of the maritime industry. A future where technological innovation will help to enhance productivity while minimising the impact on the environment. Our energy efficient LED lighting products and smart light management solutions are an important part of this future.”

On 2nd October 2019, Excalibur hit the water for the first time and was moved to the Hayling Yacht Company for final fit out. Team Britannia will launch their record from Europa Point in Gibraltar following sea trials in one of the two annual weather windows (March or October 2020).


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