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Glamox Supplies Lighting to the World’s Largest Wellboat

LED lighting specialist Glamox has supplied lighting to the wellboat Ronja Storm, which

is constructed by Norwegian ship technology company Havyard. In addition to being

the world’s longest wellboat (116 metres), Ronja Storm has the world’s largest freshwater tank. According to Havyard, the boat can produce 16.8 million litres of fresh water per day, which is equivalent to the daily freshwater consumption of 100,000 Norwegians. Havyard also claims that no other vessels can match the fish tank capacity or have such a great capacity for processing and transport of fish. Ronja Storm can load 1,000 tonnes of fish per hour. That means 3,300 large salmon per minute. In addition, no other wellboats have used a direct current (DC) system before.

Nightlight for Excellent Visual Conditions

Glamox has supplied its DL60-R92 nightlight (red light) for the wheelhouse of Ronja Storm. The design of the downlight, with the red light source placed in the back/top of the housing, ensures there is no glare in the windows. The light is only used to illuminate the instruments, something which offers perfect visual conditions for the captain. The use of Dali enables the nightlight to be dimmed and adjusted to provide the best visibility at all times.

Catching and Storing Marine Resources

Treatment in low temperature is required when storing marine resources. For this application, Glamox supplied its MIR luminaire (TA down to –25°C). MIR is known for its high quality and is a perfect fit for marine use. The MIR S variant supplied to Ronja Storm is protected to IP67 (dust and waterproof).

Technical Lighting

Glamox also supplied its TL60 LED for the technical rooms on Ronja Storm.

This innovative LED luminaire is suitable for a wide range of areas, for example, passageways, engine rooms, stores and workshops. It is designed to meet maritime requirements, save energy and reduce maintenance costs due to its long lifetime (100,000 hours at Ta45).


The DL60 LED is a modern, slim downlight family with a built-in LED module. The downlight is very energy efficient and is designed to ensurea long product lifetime. The light is also easy to install and is available in a variety of trims and decors.


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