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Hydroscand UK Have Added Two New Vans to Their Growing Fleet

“As Hydroscand UK are expanding and taking on more mobile hose technicians, there is also a need for new vans,” said Jason Bray, Hose Development Manager.

The vans have been redesigned, so the internal design allows each of their branches and technicians to tailor their stock to local customers’ requirements. It also means that technicians can carry out work seamlessly on site.

So, each van:

  • Is fitted with a base stock to cover the requirements of being 24/7;

  • Has an integrated hose rack which allows technicians to carry the variety of hose needed for various applications;

  • Is fitted with Hydroscand’s own Die Holder, Chop Saw and Crimping machine, which allows our technicians to make new hose assemblies as seamlessly as possible.

Hydroscand technicians will benefit greatly from the new vans. Jason said: “Having a built-in integral drawer system, and tools facing outside of the side door of the van, allows technicians to access their tools easily while working on site.

“There is a ‘drop down’ vice situated at the rear of the van to aid our technicians if needed.

“The new vans are fitted with compressors for cleaning hose assemblies before installation and use of air tools (blow guns) etc. Invertors have also been installed with six power outlets so that any tools that need charging can be done easily.

“A recovery start system is installed, which means if the main battery is flat, you can use the rear internal machine battery to start our vehicle.”

Jason added: “Hose inserts, adaptors etc. are all kept in sealed containers to aid in keeping cross contamination down to a minimum. This system also allows our technicians to identify quickly and easily what is needed.

“Along the work bench edge, we have put a ‘Hose Trough’ for ease of measuring hose that needs replacing. By keeping this raised, again helps prevent cross contamination.”

Kieran Murrell is the first mobile hose technician, from the Bodmin branch to have the new van.

Kieran said: “I managed to travel to Dorchester to go and pick up my new van on a Saturday. What an experience, not only meeting Jason for the first time but seeing the new layout that my van has. I have to say I am very pleased. Now that I have it, I can’t wait to get out in it and hit the ground running.”

Rebecca Galley, Managing Director added: “Jason’s experience and passion for all things related to on site hose replacement have been hugely valuable to Hydroscand since he re- joined the team last year. His work on the van design will make it easier for our Mobile Hose Technicians and in turn for our customers as work on site is more efficient.”

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