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Iceni ValourMarks the Ninth MAN Powered CTV in the Turner Iceni Fleet

The launch of the eleventh new build Crew Transfer Vessel ‘Valour’ recently marked an enduring relationship with MAN power.

9 of the 11 CTV fleet operated by Turner Iceni are now powered by MAN engines

The most recent addition, Valour a 24 metre CTV has passed her maiden voyage and endurance testing with flying colours. Designed by Walker Marine Design and constructed by Diverse Marine, she is scheduled to begin a long term charter servicing the Gwynt Y Môr Offshore Wind Farm.

Richard Thurlow, Director of Turner Iceni, was asked why MAN was still clearly the engine of choice for his expanding fleet:

“We have actively chosen to power our new builds and consequently also our re-fit programme with MAN engines. Claims of reliability, fuel efficiency, Life time costs and crucially impressive service support have all been born out in reality.”

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