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Lamor’s Foam Filled Oil Boom (FOB) Supplied by Zwanny

One the better containment booms in the market is the FOB series of boom manufactured by Lamor and supplied by Zwanny

The Foam Filled Oil Boom (FOB) is a solid light-weight float containment boom that is easy to use and store. The boom is an ideal product to use in an emergency or for a permanent application this can be inland, ponds, nearshore or in port. The boom can be used in all climates and most environments.

The boom normally comes in 25m sections in the size ranges of 350mm to 1500mm and is supplied with standard ASTM connectors. As this type of boom is one of the better types of containment boom, Zwanny has supplied this boom to a great number of UK ports and non-port applications.

The feedback Zwanny has got from the clients on the product is all very positive.

One particular client has had this boom for nearly 7 years and it has been used several times in a spill response situation. They found it easy to clean afterwards with a jet wash as the FOB has got a very low maintenance requirements. Also, due to the high-quality product the boom will last for many more years to come.

Zwanny has found that the most popular types of FOB are the 500,750, 1100 used by their clients and asked for by others.

As the boom is easy to use with minimal manpower and can be deployed from a reel, boom rack, container or even smaller sections from the back of a pickup truck. The FOB does not require any inflation so problems with an inflator(i.e. no fuel, cannot find the inflator etc.) would not affect the use of the FOB.

The FOB incorporates reflectors supplemented by boom light pouches and chaffs for radar reflectors. The boom material is UV resistance and each section has got a number of 1m nylon woven handles on the boom to assist with boom retrieval.

If your are looking for a boom to save costs, time and manpower The Lamor FOB could be the boom for your company and is stocked and supplied by Zwanny. Why not get in contact with Zwanny to discuss your boom requirements. Zwanny would also be happy to visit your site to assess your requirements.

+44 (0)1633 968086


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