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Macduff Ship Design Continues With Busy Order Book for 2022

Macduff Ship Design has had a productive first half of the year, with several orders coming in for new aquaculture vessels and workboats, and a number in the final stages of completion.

There has been much interest and growth in the aquaculture industry recently. New fish-farming technologies require larger and more capable vessels, and Macduff Ship Design has been proud to be a part of this growth with some of its newest designs.

‘Geraldine Mary’, a 21.00m Landing Craft workboat for Inverlussa Marine Services, was recently launched at the slip in Macduff. This capable workhorse has capacity for 25,000 litres of fuel oil, 15,500 litres of freshwater between cargo and domestic use, two substantial deck cranes, a removable winch and container points. The vessel economises on carbon emissions by having enough battery capacity to be able to accommodate the vessel needs through the night. Crew comfort is also high on the priority list, with four spacious cabins – each fitted with separate climate control.

A contract for a 24m Landing Craft for the Scottish Salmon Company, based on a larger version of ‘Geraldine Mary’ was signed on 22nd March. This is being built by Macduff Shipyards and will be another multi-functional workboat to serve the aquaculture industry. The twin-screw vessel will have capacity to carry up to 120 tonnes of deck cargo or up to three containers, and is to be equipped with two cranes for heavy lifting operations. Again, there are four spacious crew cabins arranged forward of the engine room and similar to the ‘Geraldine Mary’ also has a dry store and technical area below deck.

Meanwhile, two 20.00m mussel harvesting vessels are in the final stages of completion by Skagen Ship Consulting, for Scottish owners. The vessels are fitted with four double-davits for mussel harvesting operations, and can carry up to 30 tonnes of mussels on deck. In keeping with Macduff Ship Design’s ethos, they have been designed with the owner’s specific operational requirements in mind, for example deck-accessible sea-inlets and a deck space that is as free of obstruction as possible to aid cleaning.

We are working with Skagen Ship Consulting to develop a new concept 18.5m hybrid-electric catamaran vessel for the aquaculture industry. The design development is targeting the increase in required capabilities within the industry in both Norway and the UK and highlights the drive for greener technology as well as aligning with Macduff ship designs company’s net-zero ambitions

Another international project in the order book is a 21m ASD Tug/Service vessel for Indian owners. Fitted with accommodation for 10, the vessel will be equipped with a tow hook and aft H-bitt and is to be capable of 10 tonnes of bollard pull.

True to the company’s forte, Macduff Ship Design has also seen a number of fishing vessels launched recently – both locally and abroad – to its designs. Working closely with Macduff Shipyard, several trawlers for the under 24m fleet including ‘Celestial Dawn’, ‘Fruitful Vine’, ‘Orion’ and ‘Crystal River’, and a crabber, ‘Euroclydon’ have been launched over the last year. April also saw the launch of two trawlers ‘Copious’ and ‘Prolific’ at Tehnomont Shipyard in Croatia.

Alongside naval architecture work, Macduff Ship Design’s surveyor is also now accredited by UK-based Certifying Authority SCMS to offer annual compliance surveys to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s Workboat Code standard, and can also provide a variety of other survey types.

We look forward to seeing all our valued clients at Seawork – come and see us on stand B10!

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