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MK8 Boom for Belgium Port

Zwanny Ltd was contacted by a large port in Belgium needed a permanent boom, that had to be used at several locations in the port. The boom would need to cover different lengths.

From the Zwanny range, they supplied the Lamor MK8 permanent boom that can easily be assembled and cut to any size that is required.

The Mk8 boom is a heavy-duty solid float boom that has got strength, high freeboard and reserve buoyancy floatation. All of which combine to make the MK8 boom very effective under harsh conditions.

Unlike other type of permanent booms whereby the floats are foam filled, the MK8 floats are made from solid molded closed cell polyethylene foam. These are high temperature pressed to form the outer skin, incorporating a unique splash guard handle. The benefit of which will over come the possible problem of loose foam in the floats or water coming between the foam filling and boom inner wall.

The boom fabric is a manufactured strong PVC coated belting and has got marine growth inhibitors, is UV resistant, is very durable and will withstand the impacts of heavy floating debris. Giving the boom a very long service life. The boom is also equipped with galvanized steel ballast weights and can be supplied with ASTM Z connectors or slide connectors.

Zwanny Ltd would be happy to discuss your marina or port boom requirements, as they have got a wide range of products in order to be able to supply the correct boom for your application.


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