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New Electric and Diesel-powered Hydraulic Power Packs for Portable Machine Tools

Enerpac announces the new PP‑Series electric and diesel‑powered power packs to supply hydraulic flow to Enerpac portable machine tools, including flange facing machines, clamshell cutters, hot tapping machines and decommissioning tools. The hydraulic power packs are also compatible with other brands of portable machine tools.

Enerpac PP19 diesel hydraulic power pack for a pipeline hot-tapping application.

The Enerpac PP‑Series includes a total of four hydraulic power packs comprising two electric and two diesel powered models. Variable pumps within the power packs allow pressure and flow to be adjusted for specific applications.

Electric PP‑Series Power Pack

Portable machine tool operators with access to an electric power supply can choose between the electric powered hydraulic power pack 11 or 15 kW models – each available with a choice of voltage options for use throughout the world.

Machine Specific Control Pendants

Many manufacturers of hydraulic power packs provide a simple general‑purpose control pendant as standard with each unit. Although this is adequate for simple machining tools, it is of little use to control other machine types such as gantry mills, or 3‑axis milling machines.

To meet these different applications, customers buying an Enerpac Electric PP‑Series Power Pack can get exactly what they need. The range of pendant options offered provides a perfect match to suit the specific machine tool. In addition, for operator safety emergency stop buttons are provided on the power pack and the control pendant.

Diesel PP‑Series Power Packs

For working in remote locations, customers have a choice of 19 and 44 kW units. These more powerful power packs are the optimum choice for larger machine tools used for operations such as hot tapping and decommissioning.

Both the Enerpac Diesel PP‑Series PP19 and PP44 units are diesel powered and meet the EU Stage V and EPA tier 4 final regulations for emissions. Each includes a 50‑liter diesel tank, which, in the case of the PP44, can provide up to 12 hours run time at maximum torque. Also included in the diesel power packs is a spark arrester for added safety in explosive environments.

Unlike the electric units which work with pendants to provide control, the PP19 and PP44 power packs require a separate hydraulic control panel and machine specific hose kits. The hydraulic control is connected to both the machine tool and the hydraulic power pack. The control panel houses all the controls needed for a specific machine’s requirement.

In addition, the Diesel PP‑Series power pack features a pressure‑less switch to remove pressure and flow.

Choice of Hose Kits

A 10‑meter hose kit is supplied as standard and longer hose kits are available as accessories for single‑supply, dual‑supply and triple‑supply applications. Triple supply hose kits allow three hydraulic motors to be connected to the power pack simultaneously, along with spindle control the operator can also select the required axis (x or y) from the pendant.

Machine operators choosing an Enerpac Electric PP‑Series Power Pack can also benefit from an optional cart to enable easy positioning and storage within a workshop environment.

Site Ready

For ease of handling and deployment, the Enerpac PP‑Series electric and diesel‑powered power packs are enclosed within a protective frame and Forklift truck and vertical lift points.


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