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Q&A Subsalve USA

Dockyard Magazine picks the brain of Richard G. Fryburg, President of Subsalve USA – Subsalve USA has patented & trademarked design and is America’s # 1 manufacturer of standard & custom underwater flotation devices.

Welcome to Dockyard Magazine, so first up please introduce yourself and Subsalve USA…

Becoming a diver at the age of 15 is what initiated starting Subsalve USA in 1977, after graduating Long Island University with a degree in Marine Geology. With little or no resources it has been a 44 year progression involving projects worldwide from space (Working with NASA) to the depths of the Marina Trench! Subsalve USA is the worldwide leader & innovator in the design and manufacturer of engineered inflatables. Our underwater lift bags are specified to meet the toughest challenges in commercial, scientific and military applications worldwide. We have provided solutions & expertise for aircraft recovery, ship, yacht and boat salvage, marine construction, offshore oilfield diving and explosive ordnance disposal. This hard work and dedication culminated in being nominated and subsequently inducted into The Commercial Diving Hall of Fame in February 2020.

Is it possible to summarize the products you offer and geographically where you deliver?

Subsalve USA provides the following products: Commercial Lift Bags, Professional Lift Bags (Open bottom & enclosed), Enclosed Flotation Bags, Salvage Pontoons, Cable & Pipe Line Floats, Propeller Bags, Water Load Test Bags, Lifeboat Davit Test bags/ kits, Inflatable Marine Fenders, Pipe Pluggers, Flexible Liquid Storage Bladders, Accessories and much more. All these products show our innovation in buoyancy and engineered inflatables. Subsalve USA has delivered worldwide to nearly every developed country.

Durability Flexibles Buoyancy Inflatables

What types of companies have you worked for?

We are proud of a prestigious list of satisfied and ongoing clients which includes, US Department of Defense, all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, NASA, and the FBI as well as leading companies in the private sector and the governments of more than 30 foreign countries. So we must be doing something right!!

How do you go about giving customers peace of mind in your product offerings?

Our products, including all components, are proudly made in the USA by skilled artisans. Every SUBSALVE product is tested prior to shipping to ensure reliable performance. You can work with our solutions with confidence. All Subsalve products are compliant with IMCA (International Marine Construction Association) D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, and U.S. Department of Defense Standards. All carry a one-year warranty.

We also maintain an inventory of all standard products to ensure prompt delivery, as well as offering custom design services to address special needs/requirements.

We are ready to respond whenever someone needs us.

What differentiates Subsalve USA and it products from any competition?

SUBSALVE is the only major lift bag brand that offers polyurethane-coated fabrics in all of our products. We use high-strength synthetic base fabrics including nylon, polyester, and Kevlar which have been coated with urethane and urethane blends. The result? Our lift bags are more puncture, abrasion, and chemical-resistant than other conventional inflatables. This allows for a longer service life with less maintenance required. All SUBSALVE products are designed to perform in harsh and hostile environments. With their exclusive polyurethane coatings, you can count on them to get the job done like no other inflatable.

How is the market place currently and has Covid-19 had much of an impact on your business?

Covid-19 has been a devastating pandemic worldwide. Like many other companies SUBSALVE has adapted to market conditions and to assist where possible. Subsalve was approached by a number of potential end users in the medical field asking for treatment solutions. We designed, developed and manufactured performing prototypes in just 30 days.

Subsalve has now received a stella response from the medical community as well as approval from the U.S. FDA and we have delivered more than 30,000 Treatment hoods worldwide.

+1 401 884 8801


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