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Scania Expands IMO Tier III Engine Range

In the continuous effort to reduce gas emissions and support more sustainable marine operations, Scania adds seven new IMO Tier III compliant marine engines to its existing portfolio.

The new DI13 solutions of 257 kW, 280 kW, 284 kW, 331 kW, 368 kW, 405 kW and 441 kW at the rated speed of 2100 rpm widen the range of propulsion engines, in a commitment to further reduce NOx emissions. The new marine engines that are available in the heat exchanger or keel cooling systems, received type approval by the main classification societies and are ready for delivery to customers in 2023.

The broader selection of IMO Tier III engines offers customers more choices for different vessel requirements and helps them to operate more efficiently and minimise their environmental footprint. These marine propulsion engines are designed for prolonged operation in different applications, including passenger and road ferries, supply vessels, crew transfer vessels, pilot boats, as well as sea rescue and patrol boats.

“We are strengthening our offering of low NOx marine propulsion power systems to give our customers a wider selection of ratings as well as higher output. From an installation perspective the engines are identical to our existing IMO Tier III products so our customers will recognise both engine and exhaust after‑treatment systems,” says Henrik Nilsson, Director Product Management, Scania Power Solutions.

Scania has been delivering marine engines for more than 100 years and is continuously improving its offering of traditional and alternative power solutions for the maritime industry.

High durability, low fuel consumption, and reduced emission are some of the key considerations in the development of Scania’s marine power systems.

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