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Some Happy Hello’s and a Fond Farewell at Jenkins Marine!

Jenkins Marine is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Elvy to the key position of Commercial Manager.

Mark brings a wide range of commercial and management experience to the role. He has most recently come from an engineering and manufacturing company serving many marine customers. He spent 11 years transforming the family owned business to operate and thrive in today’s complex and global marketplace.

Dan Jenkins, Managing Director said of his appointment, “Mark’s role will primarily be the main customer relationship manager and working with our existing and new clients as we build on previous success. This represents a significant investment in our number 1 asset, our customers. Although, Mark does not come from specific dredging background he has many transferable skills from his previous experiences in business.”

Jenkins Marine would like to extend a warm welcome to Mark and wish him every success in the new role.

In addition they are delighted to welcome another Jenkins to the team with Josh Jenkins joining them and adding another generation of Jenkins to the company. Josh has come from a career in arboriculture spanning several years in several different countries. Josh has now started a new career in the marine industry with Jenkins Marine and he is currently gaining valuable experience and training on a variety of Company vessels, and is quite literally ‘learning the ropes’.

Dan Jenkins, Managing Director said, “I am delighted to welcome Josh into the Family business, and I’ve been really pleased to see the enthusiasm and motivation he brings to our growing team.”

Jenkins Marine will also be be saying a fond farewell to their office manager Ray who has been at the company for many years helping to organise the demanding and ever changing day to day schedule that a busy marine company faces. Ray is leaving for the Alps to pursue one of his life long ambitions. Good luck Ray!


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