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During the summer, South Shields based Solar Solve Marine dispatched a consignment of 11 of its Type Approved, SOLASAFE anti-glare roller sunscreens to the Master of the SUKSAN SALAMANDER. They were to be installed at the navigation bridge windows of the vessel.

There is a very interesting story about the vessel. Built in 1993 as the shuttle tanker Navion Clipper, after 20 years the vessel was converted to an FSO and has been located at the Bualuang field in the Gulf of Thailand, ever since. The tanker will be 30 years old next year. More detailed information about the conversion story can be found at:

When in use the SOLASAFE roller sunscreens will create a safer and more comfortable working environment for the personnel who work on the navigation bridge. Simply by lowering them, they will be protected from the solar glare, heat and uv radiation.

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