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Supplying a Bespoke Data Buoy for SINTEF’s Latest Project

Following Hydrosphere’s involvement with supplying Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s (PML) newest data buoy, they are excited to announce their latest project with SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations.

The client approached Hydrosphere just over a year ago after learning about the profiling data buoy they had supplied to PML. Together with Mobilis, Hydrosphere delivered the DB 14000 — Mobilis’ biggest data buoy. This floating platform is set to be deployed off the South Coast of England in the next few weeks to aid PML’s research and data gathering within the region.

SINTEF was looking for a similar data buoy to be based in the Norwegian Sea as part of a future marine observatory. Originally, the client was looking for the same buoy that had been delivered to PML. However, it soon became apparent that SINTEF’s buoy would need modifications and a much larger surface area to accommodate the additional sensors, equipment and deployments required. Hydrosphere, therefore, liaised with the client and Mobilis to design a new buoy based on the DB 14000 and, thus, the DB 24000 was born!


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