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Teignbridge India PVT Ltd Is Proud to Have Supplied Two Wadia Built 19m Pilot Boats

Teignbridge India PVT Ltd is proud to have supplied two Wadia built 19m Pilot Boats. The contract speed of 18 to 20kn was easily exceeded with an impressive 22kn achieved during the sea trials.

Wadia has posted a video of one of the pilot boats: ABS Dhruva

The shaftline and propellers benefited from the partnership of advanced designs from Teignbridge UK and high quality manufacture at our wholly owned foundry and factory in Vadodara, India.

The boats were built under IRS Classification and fitted with twin 1000mm diameter x 4 blade skewed Aquaquad design propellers and a 75mm shaftline.

Please contact Teignbridge for propellers and stern gear designed in the UK and manufactured in either India or the UK.

+44 (0)1626 333 377


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