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The PortBin Tide — a Real Game Changer, Taking Things to the Next Level

It has been nearly 2 years that Zwanny-ltd became the official distributors and agents for the PortBin tide family of products for the UK and Ireland. These range of products are manufactured in Norway by Spilltech and there are now a number of units in use around the UK. The feedback that has been received is very positive and even includes further PortBin tide requirements.

The PortBin tide was created and designed by the Ports of Bergen and Oslo together with SpillTech and the Norwegian department of environment to create a design of skimmer that would collect floating rubbish (cups, wrappers, cans, bottles, plastics etc.) in a port/marina environment.

The advantages that the PortBin tide has is that it hasn’t got a net that would need to be regularly changed, instead it has a bucket to collect the rubbish that will last for many years. The PortBin tide will run on electrics and can sit happily in a corner of the port/marina and will do the rubbish collecting for you! Not only cutting down on manhours, but also less personal risk of people falling in the water from a boat when hanging over the side picking marine litter.

Due to the design a small weir is created with the fixed guide boom and any rubbish will be collected in the bucket. The PortBin tide is designed to run all day everyday, 365 days of the year.

A UK port did a number of calculations on the PortBin tide (standard fixed unit) and under normal circumstances the PortBin tide collected between 3-5 litres of rubbish a day (any seaweed was not calculated - only rubbish) as the PortBin tide can run 365 days a year this would be an estimated recovery of 1095 litres to 1825 litres+ of rubbish a year and would help your port/marina achieve further green credentials. The rubbish collected is typically cans, cups, wrappers, packaging materials etc.

The PortBin tide comes in 3 models (PortBin tide, PortBin shallow and the PortBin XL)

The PortBin tide and PortBin shallow will have a 30 litre basket that can be hand lifted from the unit, and the XL will have a 1000 litre collection area and will be needed to be lifted out by crane.

Why not get in contact with Zwanny to discuss rubbish in your port or marina for a solution to meet your needs.


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