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Tritex NDT Leading the Way in Drone Thickness Measurements

Tritex NDT have for many years been manufacturing ultrasonic thickness gauges and are now established as one of the leading companies offering multiple echo gauges.

Multiple echo technology means that thickness measurements can be taken through 6mm thick coatings, only the metal substrate is measured. It doesn’t matter whether the coating is paint, epoxy or bitumen, it is completely ignored. This has huge advantages over having to remove coatings, both in time and money. It also has a big advantage when developing a gauge to mount onto a drone.

Taking thickness measurements at height has always been a requirement, and up until recently this has been done using scaffolding or rope access techniques. However, with the Tritex Multigauge 6000 dedicated Drone Thickness Gauge, first developed over four years ago, this is now a lot safer and cost effective than before.

Tritex NDT are leading the way in this application and are the only company worldwide with a dedicated thickness gauge to mount onto drones. Many systems have been sold so far, with repeat orders coming from major petrochemical companies and class societies. The gauge and technology have been improved over four years of development in response to customer’s feedback and requirements.

The Multigauge 6000 consists of three parts, which includes the gauge, a gel dispenser and a probe holder for the correct alignment of the probe. The single crystal probe ensures accurate measurements on curved surfaces, such as storage tanks and pipelines. Thickness readings are transmitted wirelessly up to 500 metres, using its integrated RF transmitter, to a dedicated software that allows the operator to record measurements, set up templates and to remotely control the gel dispenser before touching the probe onto the surface.

The gauge can mount onto any ‘work class’ type drone, with the most popular being the DJI Matrice 210 or 300. Tritex NDT have also developed their own custom drone, the Multigauge 6500, specifically designed to provide a complete solution. The Multigauge 6500 ‘Flying Thickness Gauge’ has eight rotors to provide redundancy, as well as propellor guards so that it can be easily used inside tanks.

Tritex NDT is a leading innovative manufacturer of thickness gauges and are at the forefront of using drones for high level inspections. Jon Sharland, Sales Director, says,” The concept was taken from our experience of mounting thickness gauges onto subsea ROV’s. It is similar except that the measurements are transmitted wirelessly instead of through an umbilical, and of course, the gauge is designed to be light rather than waterproof. We listened to our customers and identified a need in the market. We are now very happy with the current product, after many years of development and customer feedback.”

Tritex NDT have a complete range of thickness gauging solutions, from surface gauges with datalogging to underwater diver handheld gauges, from ROV mountable to high level drone thickness gauges. All gauges are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and supplied as complete kits, ready to use, with a 3-year warranty and free annual calibration for the life of the gauge.

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