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Unbeatable UTM Inspection in Hazardous Offshore Environments

Cygnus 1 Ex provides a first-class experience in user control and safety – unmatched within intrinsically safe Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM). Users can adjust the complexity of the settings to suit their level of experience – an invaluable tool allowing offshore teams in hazardous environments to carry out regular preventative structural monitoring without the costs of shutdown, disruption or outsourcing, whilst balancing increasing demand in a 24/7 production culture.

Monitoring Corrosion on Oil and Gas Vessels and Scrubbers Water ingress into a ship’s engine room is one example of catastrophic incidents that occur when corrosion compromises the structural integrity of a scrubber and its ship. Aggravated by the high temperatures of exhaust gases, the highly acidic and corrosive wash water causes extremely severe corrosion. As a result, classification societies such as DNV-GL require wall thickness measurement for the SOx Scrubber overboard distance piece in annual class surveys. Many companies worldwide choose Cygnus as a recognised brand born in the marine industry 40 years ago, and now renowned for its extremely reliable and easy-to-use ultrasonic thickness testing equipment!

The Cygnus 1 Ex is the only one of its kind in the world certified Intrinsically Safe to ATEX, IECEx, UKEX for Zone 0 and NRTL for Class 1, Division 1 – offering safe operations in hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres. This is crucial when carrying out thickness testing on vessels transporting flammable cargoes.

This heavy-duty, IP67 device also uses the Class Society specified Multiple-Echo technique, pioneered by Cygnus, which reads through coatings – negating the need for removing important, expensive protective coatings or epoxy that safeguard against external or internal corrosion.

Offshore Platforms – maximised efficiency keeps productivity on track

In addition to precious time saved by measuring through coatings, Cygnus 1 Ex is designed to create minimal disruption to production and profits. Cygnus’ Measurement Stability Indicator (MSITM) indicates stable, hence reliable readings so you can quickly move on to the next measurement with confidence.

In fact, you’ll find the entire gauge, from how it sits in your hand, to collecting and storing measurements, is geared towards the best user experience, making inspection quick and simple, despite the challenging environment. Four new function keys are purposely integrated to maximise ease and speed of control, four dynamic screen views aimed to suit user requirements, and a user access feature to prevent access to protected features. Two rechargeable batteries provide 8 hours of continuous measurement. Users can quickly switch the screen between a light or dark background to adapt to indoor and outdoor lighting. The display also gives 4 measurement screens: Measurement, A-Scan, Data-logging, and B-Scan, which can be easily rotated using the left and right navigation keys. And finally you can create seamless data analysis and report generation using Cyglink, easily connected to via BluetoothTM or a data port.

A new product is coming to the Cygnus Subsea Range soon! Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for sneak previews!

To learn more, visit the Cygnus 1 Ex page at:

Alternatively, scan the QR code and get a quote using code DY2023 for £200 off on a gauge.

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