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Is the lantern still operational?

... Are the settings correct?

... Does the battery have enough energy?

Sabik Marine once again showed the way to the industry and launched the Sabik Bluetooth® Control app based on Bluetooth® Smart technology first in the world in the summer of 2015. Sabik LED 160 was the first marine lantern with the Bluetooth® connectivity available.

The advanced Sabik Bluetooth® Control app revolutionized the programming and control of marine lanterns with an easy to use interface and built-in intelligence. With Sabik Bluetooth® Control app it is easy and safe to check your lantern from the vessel or quayside without climbing onto a buoy or beacon. You can check the status and configure the lantern from a distance of up to 50 meters and all you need in the field is your smartphone or tablet and the free Sabik Bluetooth® Control app.

At the beginning of 2017, Sabik Marine expanded the app availability to a comprehensive range of sophisticated marine lanterns. Now it is a standard feature in the product series of LED 160, LED 350, HBL, M660, ODSL 200 and LO 200 and optional feature for LED 155 product series.

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