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Rolec Launch Monthly Payment Packages For Marinas

Rolec have introduced a range of monthly payment packages which allow marina owners to spread out the cost of installations and/or refurbishments over a 3 or 5 year period.

The two packages, which offer 36 or 60 month terms, can cover all costs associated with the supply and installation of electrical, water, lighting and SOS services on a marina - including:

• Electrical service pedestals

• MID approved metering systems

• Electrical distribution systems

• Water systems

• Marina lighting

• Emergency services

• Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points

Kieron Alsop, Managing Director of Rolec, commented:

“As the global leader in marina services, and as part of our drive to continue to produce unique and innovative solutions for the marina industry, one of our latest developments has been to introduce a range of monthly payment packages.

Applications for any of these new payment packages are quick and easy, with repayments tax deductible. Rolec can now approve a financial package within hours for a marina owner - and start work on site at that marina within days!

For more information about Rolec’s new Payment Packages call:01205 724754 or email:

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