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A Fluctuating Market

Over the past few years the windfarm industry in the UK has taken off with a boom. Subsequently the commercial boat builders and their suppliers experienced a big increase in demand as it strove to meet the need for more and more windfarm support vessels.

It’s no secret that over the past year or so, as the industry has stabilised and the orders for new boats has been met, demand for new vessels has slowed. However, the industry once again seems to be on the rise and MAN, who have a proven track record of success in the market, are seeing renewed interest with many UK fleets are also looking to their future requirements.

Well established operator, Iceni Marine Services, has recently added its 9th and 10th boat to their growing fleet, the Iceni Defender and the Iceni Legend. Built by Alicat Workboats Shipyard in Great Yarmouth, both vessels were specifically designed for use as windfarm support vessels, with every detail chosen with performance in mind, not least their engines. The two 23m vessels are powered by a pair of 1400hp, MAN D2862 V12 engines, commissioned by PME Power Systems Group. Iceni Legend will be on show at Seawork 2017 where people have the opportunity to view the MAN engines installed in a vessel.

The well proven MAN D2862 has been a popular choice for workboats, with the excellent fuel efficiency and the reliability that has come to be expected from a MAN engine they are ideally suited to the demanding usage of required of a windfarm support vessel.

MAN Work Plus

MAN are so confident in the design and build of their engines that they are now offering a 2 year extension to the warranties on to their commercial customers.

The MAN Work Plus option is available for purchase with all new commercial engines, including the D2862 range, and allows operators to extend their cover from the standard one year warranty to a full three years from the date of commissioning. Offering an excellent way to secure peace of mind for any fleet operator, especially those in the windfarm industry who can see their vessels in constant use for days at a time.

Both of Iceni’s new vessels, the Iceni Defender and the Iceni Legend, have taken the work plus option on their D2862 engines, ensuring they will be kept in operation for years to come without worry.

PME Power Systems Group proud to support MAN in the UK by offering the MAN Work Plus Plan.

PME Managing Director, Peter Chalk, said:

“MAN have always been known in the industry for the quality of their engines and the reliability that goes along with it. Offering the MAN Work Plus plan is a not only an affirmation of that quality but also a commitment that if something does go wrong they can get it put right straight away with the highest possible level of service. A commitment that we are happy to support.”

As the industry once again starts to take off, MAN are ensuring their place as the industry leader for reliability, economy and aftersales care and the first choice for any operator considering a new vessel.

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