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Enerpac Exhibits Latest Solutions To Wind Energy Supply Chain Issues

Enerpac is exhibiting the latest tools and systems developments helping overcome the Supply Chain failures plaguing the wind industry, on stand 3-E93 at Wind Europe 2024. Global sourcing of wind turbine components is highlighting fabrication inconsistencies as a major cause of project delays and budget overruns. Enerpac tools are allowing turbine installers to immediately rectify unexpected wind tower misalignments as they are discovered during tower assembly.

The stand will feature the Enerpac Tower Flange Alignment Kit and Flange Alignment Pins that correct tower section alignment problems caused by fabrication inconsistencies and ovalisation due to extended quayside storage. Once aligned the tower sections are bolted together. The Enerpac stand also includes a selection of Enerpac RSL-Series Low Profile and Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches for bolting applications during turbine tower assembly and subsequent turbine maintenance.

Enerpac XC2 Cordless Battery Pump

Wind Europe is the first European show to feature the new ultra-light Enerpac XC2 Cordless Battery Pump for bolting applications and to power the Tower Flange Alignment tool. Weighing as little as 12 kg (26 lbs), the XC2 Cordless Battery Pump can be readily used almost anywhere during tower assembly and turbine maintenance.

Precision Blade Manufacture

Larger wind turbines require larger blades. Enerpac is already working with leading blade manufacturers to ensure blade flanges with the turbine are fault free. Developed specifically for machining the root end of turbine blades, Enerpac milling machines remove any surface imperfection at the flange face between a turbine and blade. The Enerpac stand will feature details of the next generation milling machines capable of milling blades up to 10m diameter.

Environmentally Friendly TP Installation

Enerpac’s fixation and levelling hydraulic cylinders are widely used during transition piece grouting and turbine assembly to level monopiles during offshore placement. At Wind Europe, Enerpac is the first company to introduce a Remote Hose Disconnector designed to eliminate the release of hydraulic cylinder fluid into the sea during transition piece installation on offshore wind farms. The environmentally friendly development also allows full recovery of all connected equipment for reuse.

“Our involvement in all aspects of wind energy from blade manufacture to tower assembly and turbine maintenance places Enerpac is a unique position,” says Erik Roos, Director Wind Industry Tools & Solutions (EMEA), Enerpac. On the one hand we are working closely with installers to delivering solutions that meet the immediate needs of the wind industry in overcoming supply chain issues. While on the other, we are equipping manufacturers with the solutions they need to meet demands for larger turbines.”

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