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Zwanny Spill Products

Zwanny is an independent family run company with nearly 30years of experience in the pollution industry, based in South Wales covering the whole of The UK and Ireland.

Secondary containment products are just one of the many spill products that Zwanny can offer and supply these can be IBC sump pallets or drum spill platforms for 1, 2 or 4 drums or drip trays - in a number of sizes to suit your application and to comply with your companies environmental policy or even ISO14001. Zwanny have noticed a big demand for these products that are UK manufactured and can be supplied, in most cases, in a number of days. Apart from secondary containment products Zwanny do stock and supply absorbents most of these are UK manufactured and have got competitive prices, no long lead times and Zwanny will offer the correct absorbent for your companies application to give that piece of mind.

Zwanny can offer spillkits from 15l to 1500l and can offer standard types or custom build to suit your companies requirements not forgetting van/crane spillkits 20l in a vacuum packed kit to save space. 

Why not get in contact with the Zwanny team to discuss your companies spillkit or seccondary containment requirements, they also can come and visit you to discuss solutions to help to keep your companies environment clean. 

+44 (0)1633 968 083


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