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Southern Ropes, The Forefront Of Rope Innovation

Founded in 1984, Southern Ropes is one of the largest manufacturers of high quality synthetic ropes. They cater to an array of markets, including Commercial Marine, Leisure Marine, Industrial, Mining and The Armed Forces.

Southern Ropes manufacture twisted and braided ropes to standard and custom specifications, extruding polypropylene and polyethylene yarns on site.

Southern Ropes is at the forefront of rope innovation, combining the latest rope-making technologies with strong and durable materials like UHMwPE, Vectran® and Technora®.

Their world-renowned ropes conform to British (BS), European (EN) and South African (SABS) standards, with the entire company ISO 9001 : 2008 accredited.

Southern Ropes has been continually developing their HMPE range of ropes. Now, Southern Ropes are introducing their Orange and Black HMPE DK100 yarn. The HMPE DK100 yarn is solution dyed, not coated or post manufacture pigmentation it has a special unique thermofixation process that is done in house. This HMPE yarn’s fibre is solid in colour, has superior UV resistance that will not fade in the UV and thus lasting longer. This DK100 has low creep and high break loads. The DK100 is built for tug tow lines in orange as it can easily be seen in harbor waters and towline for vessels in rough seas. Please visit Southern Ropes at Sea Works 2017 on stand number PY89 to view the different mooring options.

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