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New Design Enhancement Means CENTADISC-C Couplings Can Be Fitted In Tighter Spaces

The CENTADISC-C, which can be used with steel, composite, and super-lightweight carbon fibre shafts, now has a new connection option that means the flexible coupling and shaft can be installed in two parts, rather than as a single unit. This means that the problems caused by small bulkhead apertures and a lack of space are now a thing of the past.

On this newly developed version of the coupling, the centre shaft section and the flanges are connected using a Hirth face spline. This means that the main tube can be fed through any structures in the drive line, before having the larger diameter flanges attached. Consequently, smaller openings in structures, such as bulkheads, are no longer a problem.

A further enhancement is that the coupling membrane discs are now smaller in overall diameter, which again helps with space constraints, yet with no loss of strength or performance.

This enables CENTADISC-C to be specified in situations where, previously, it could not be considered.

A carbon fibre shaft typically weighs 70% less when compared with a conventional steel shaft, so the new connection design means that more applications can take advantage of superior weight saving benefits, as it can now be installed more widely.

CENTADISC-C provides a double-cardanic system with two tandem membranes in series. The coupling is manufactured from glass-fibre reinforced plastic for increased angular flexibility and high torque transmission. The torsionally stiff design of the coupling compensates for both axial and angular misalignments and is extremely durable and oil-resistant. It is also corrosion resistant and functions well in high ambient temperatures.

Centa’s innovative Bulkhead Seal can also be integrated into the drive to ensure that the shaft runs freely through bulkhead apertures without any wearing parts completing the maintenance free installation.

To find out more about how the CENTADISC-C with its new Hirth face spline enhancement can solve your misalignment, noise and vibration problems, visit us on stand P089 at Seawork, or call the Centa technical team on: 01274 531034.

Alternatively, you can email: or visit the website at:

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