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RUD VABH-W & VCGH-S Excavator Hook For Welding

Ultimate Solution for attaching to spreader bars and beams:

RUD offer over 600 different tested and certified lifting and lashing points which cover a working load capacity range of 0.6 to 250 tonne. RUD’s lifting equipment is used across a wide range of working environments from Heavy Lifting, Engineering, Materials Handling, Offshore, Construction, Rail, MOD and many more.

The RUD VABH-W & VCGH-S excavator hooks for welding offer the ultimate solution for attaching to spreader bars and beams, chain slings and for wire rope and round slings. They can also be used for lifting means with loop or oval suspension rings.

The RUD patented wear marking indicator helps highlight when the lifting equipment is no longer fit for service and needs to be replaced. Therefore, offering an ultimate safety factor to the user.

The VABH-W excavator hooks offer a safety factor of 4:1 and are operational from temperatures as low as -40° to plus 350°. The VCGH-S excavator hooks are operational to temepratures as low as -20° to plus 350°.

The RUD VABH-W & VCGH-S excavator hooks are typically attached to the buckets of wheel loaders in the quarrying industry, lifting of spreader beams in engineering, ship building and marine industries. They are also ideal for offering a quick connection to chain slings, wire rope and polyester slings.

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