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A Smarter Way To Gauge Corrosion

Cygnus is a world-renowned leader in making easy-to-use and robust Ultrasonic Testing (UT) equipment for reliable ultrasonic measurement above and below water. Since 1983, Cygnus has been working alongside ship surveyors and commercial divers. Drawing from 40+ years of experience and knowledge of the marine industry, Cygnus offers unmatched expert solutions that address challenges faced by the industry.

Corrosion poses a critical threat to any structures and assets. Marine structures and vessels, in particular, are constantly exposed to moisture in the air and salt water which are known to cause and accelerate corrosion. To mitigate this, marine vessels are coated with protective coatings. However, these protective coatings, on the other hand, present obstacles to corrosion monitoring and inspection.

The Cygnus Surface Range of UTM gauges is built for inspecting potential corrosion onboard vessels and to combat the challenges. These lightweight, compact gauges are shatter-proof and water-resistant (IP67). The range works with a selection of Cygnus’ single-crystal, twin-crystal and right-angle probes as useful options to increase flexibility and access to tight, awkward spaces. More importantly, the Cygnus-pioneered Multiple Echo technology can measure just the thickness of the substrate material under test and ignore any protective coatings. This effectively eliminates the time and cost of removing anti-corrosive coatings while avoiding the risk of exposing the material to further corrosion.


The Cygnus 4+ ultrasonic thickness meter boasts live A scan (a visual representation of the ultrasound in the material) to assist visual verification of measurements; its large colour display and data logging allow users to view and record thickness readings with associated A-scans. In addition, the Cygnus’ Measurement Stability Indicator (MSI) gives further reassurance by quickly confirming stable, reliable measurements - evading hesitancy or doubts. 

The Cygnus 2+ features an end-mounted, rotatable display to facilitate hands-free operation for inspections carried out via rope access or climbing whilst the front display enables easy gauge setup.

The Cygnus 4+ and 2+ are multi-mode UT gauges - capable of measuring various materials: coated, uncoated or with extreme corrosion. All Cygnus gauges have a 3-year warranty. 

To learn more, visit the Cygnus Surface thickness gauge page: 

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