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Shearwater Marine Services

Shearwater have a long and respected background supporting marine based construction, civil inspections and maintenance and demolition projects located around the country and further afield. With high customer retention Shearwater have developed an excellent reputation having worked as a main contractor or alongside several of the biggest names in the UK civil engineering industry and providing invaluable and professional assistance on dozens of high profile marine contracts over the last two decades including Nuclear Installations; Jetty maintenance and repair and a National Trust refurbishment contract on St Kilda. In doing so they have successfully supported, construction industries, renewable energy providers, the National Trust for Scotland, the ministry of defence, local government agencies, utilities providers, ports and harbours authorities, consultant engineering firms, British waterways, and shipping and ferry companies and more. Typical projects include: Large scale construction, installation and demolition projects; concrete, steel and wooden inspections, repairs and replacement; video and photographic surveys; non-destructive inspections; cathodic protection systems design and installation; steel piling inspections, repairs and removal; underwater structural welding; anode installation; application of protective coatings; bridge inspections and repair; pier and slipway repairs; anti-scour protection; bag work repairs; shuttering repairs; dredging operations; bridge installations; inspections; maintenance and repair; drilling; engineering surveys; pressure grouting; steel cylindrical and sheet pile removal; waste water and sewerage pipeline outfall installation and protection.

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