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National Maritime, MIT Technical Talks, in conjunction with AtZ Marine Technologies visits London In

How compliant is International shipping? – Oil monitoring and elimination presented by industry experts... How the world’s leading experts are working with International Shipping to reduce the risk of oil pollution within the marine environment. For the first time ever AtZ Marine Technologies will deliver a MIT Technical Talks session at London International Shipping Week. The technical session, delivered in conjunction with National Maritime (NMDG) and supported by Greenwich Maritime University and the SAA (Ship Builders and Ship Repairers Association) will focus on reducing the environmental impact on our seas due oil pollution from the international shipping industry. Recent events have shown that some crews continue to by-pass oily water separators and perform illegal overboard discharge from bilge tanks, which has resulted in fines into the millions and even the possibility of imprisonment. Operators must become more vigilant and ensure they adhere to industry environmental rules. To ensure minimal environmental impact on our seas, bilge water on board ships must meet industry standards before discharge is permissible. Various environmental agencies globally (IMO, USCG and MCA) have issued regulations which ship operators must follow to reduce oil pollution and to protect our marine environment. The National Maritime MIT Technical Talk’s session will partner with AtZ and industry experts, DECKMA Hamburg, Wave International and ACM Composite Bearings to discuss how technology has evolved to monitor and eliminate oil from ships bilge tanks, ensuring the future conservation of the environment and compliance by shipping operators. Whilst exploring ways oil in water can be controlled within bilge tanks,the technical session will also look at water lubricated bearing technology, which eliminates the sea water to oil interface found in common stern tube seal arrangements, which overall, eliminates the possibility of oil pollution from the stern tube. The session will be held on Tuesday 12th September 2017 at Hamilton House, University of Greenwich from 09.00am to 12.30pm, and whilst delivering a series of technical discussions it will also offer delegates the opportunity to network with other industry professionals.

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