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Bender launches new subsea cable LIM Insulation Monitoring device

Bender ISOMETER® iso685…is a market leading insulation monitoring device used by customers worldwide in unearthed IT system AC, AC/DC and DC power supply applications.

Bender has focused heavily on enhancing its capability with the launch of a new improved range of insulation monitoring devices which exactly meet the needs of the customer. The latest addition is the new isoHR685W - designed specifically for subsea cable monitoring to deliver even earlier warning of developing electrical faults.

In any subsea environment, the time and cost of deployment to organise repairs is significant. oil and gas operators demand earlier warning of insulation cable failure and insulation monitoring, that will detect subsea cable failure much earlier than what existing technology can offer.

Operators rely heavily on subsea cabling to cost effectively process natural oil and gases extraction from the seabed. Umbilical cables are a significant component of the infrastructure, and the cost to install, replace and repair is expensive and time consuming. Cable failures not only impacts production revenue, but the cost of reactive repair is significant and the earlier the warning of any impending failure, enables operators to act more efficiently and effectively, keep costs of repairs to a minimum.


The variant of the iso685, the isoHR685W-D monitors subsea and umbilical cables to provide very advanced warning of cable degradation and failure. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry sector. The isoHR685W-D examines the cables up to 10Ω, meaning the team working on the oil rig that’s cable has developed a fault will be notified in time to replace and continue with extracting from that subsea well.


  • Subsea cable monitoring


  • Market proven from reputable manufacturer

  • Continuous measurement of capacitance, voltage and system frequency

  • Permanent coupling monitoring

  • Real-time clock with history memory

  • History of readings of the insulation resistance via isoGraph

  • AC, DC or AC/DC main circuits

  • Din rail mount monitoring device

  • 5 Year parts warranty

  • Detects faults up to 10Ω

  • Isolation monitoring up to 1,500 VDC with CAT II

  • Principle acc. to 61557-8 for AC and DC systems

  • Monitoring of parallel cables with new technology


  • Provides even earlier warning of developing insulation faults than previous devices

  • Increases safety of operations

  • arable market equivalents

  • Enable earlier deployment of remedial activities

  • Stimulates proactive versus reactive maintenance

  • Helps prevent loss of production and downtime

  • Easy to configure are the pre-set end-user measurement profiles

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