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Jenkins Marine’s Multi-cat AVON assists in the recovery of the Historic HMS Invincible

Bournemouth University are working in partnership with MAST (Marine Archaeology Sea Trust), with funding from central government, to recover artefacts from the historic ship. The operation is vital as the wreck is becoming exposed by the natural migration of the sand bank which had until now protected the site.

Jenkins Marine have previously worked with Bournemouth University on the historic ‘Swash Channel Wreck’ in the entrance to Poole harbour and AVON was selected for this latest delicate work due to her large working deck area, deck crane, maneuverability and accommodation facilities.

Dominic Tweddle, Director-General of the National Museum of the Royal Navy said: "HMS Invincible is a ship of real significance - a capture from the French Navy which ironically became the standard for 74-gun ships in the Royal Navy for half a century – and we look forward to working with MAST to preserve and display the finds from this excavation." Built by the French in 1744 and captured by the British on the 3rd May 1747, her remains are highly significant both historically and archaeologically... You can read more about this unique salvage operation at:

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