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Evoqua Water Technologies’ partnership with Krosys was strengthened today with the unveiling of a SeaCURE® Ballast Water Treatment System during the Kormarine 2017 exhibition in Busan, South Korea.

The electrochlorination unit (ECU) skid showcases the Korean engineering company’s competence in building, installing and commissioning Evoqua’s high-end ballast water treatment technology in the Korean newbuild and retrofit markets.

JaeWook Bae, Team Manager of the BWMS Business Team at Krosys, said: “We are very proud of the success we have achieved to date in establishing the SeaCURE system in the Korean shipbuilding sector. This latest development means the world’s best shipyards now have local access to the world’s best ballast water treatment technology.”

The development represents another success for both companies, following the order Krosys secured earlier this year for SeaCURE systems to two 115,000dwt crude oil tankers destined for Singaporean interests.

Ian Stentiford, Global VP Electrocatalytic Systems, Evoqua Water Technologies, added: “The manufacturing and distribution agreement we signed with Krosys in 2015 to provide our cutting edge electrochlorination technologies to the Korean market has quickly borne fruit with expert service and short response times for our customers in South Korea.”

“Krosys was selected because of its expertise in engineering marine water treatment technologies combined with its local market knowledge. This means Korean-built vessels not only benefit from our design and system technology, but that technology can now be sourced and supported locally from Krosys.”

Krosys serves the Korean market from its facility in Busan, in the heart of South Korea’s ship building industry. To date, the business has delivered more than 2000 fresh water generators and is a dominant supplier of reverse osmosis (RO) fresh water generators for the Korean navy. It can now add ballast water treatment to that list. Matt Granitto, Business Manager for Evoqua’s ballast water business, commented: “It’s of vital importance to Evoqua that our operations run efficiently and effectively across the globe and establishing a strategic network of partners is central to this. I’m delighted that Krosys has quickly established the SeaCURE system in the Korean market. Kormarine is the optimum platform on which to showcase Krosys’s competence in the engineering, system integration and commissioning of high-value technologies to the Korean maritime industry.”

A SeaCURE unit will be exhibited at the joint Evoqua/Krosys booth (5H17) at Kormarine 2017, which takes place in Busan, South Korea between today and 27th October.

The ballast water treatment system utilise a process that injects biocide into ballast seawater before it reaches the large surface filter intakes to reduce the growth marine organisms that become harmful to filters.

Available as a compact skid or as modular components, the system is suitable as a newbuild or retrofit installation since biocide generation takes place in small side streams from the main ballast water thus reducing system footprint and optimizing available space. It can also be configured to provide marine growth protection for critical onboard seawater cooling systems.

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