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DeepOcean’s Port of Blyth Nemo Link Spooling Operation a Success

The Port has been praised for its role in the internationally significant energy Nemo Link project that will eventually see the national electricity grids of the UK and Belgium connected via a landmark subsea development.

The Nemo Link will see the laying of more than 130km of high voltage electricity cables under the sea between sites in Kent and Belgium, improving the link between UK and European electricity generation with consumers in the UK and across the continent.

DeepOcean, one of the port’s main users and a market leader in integrated services & technologies for the subsea industry, is undertaking the cable laying contract and has utilised the Port as a location for key cable transfer activity.

The cable was shipped deep sea to Blyth from Japan and spooled to DeepOcean’s cable laying vessel the Maersk Connector at the Port’s Battleship Wharf terminal, with work now set to commence in the English Channel to begin the laying of the cable offshore.

Martin Lawlor, Chief Executive at the Port of Blyth said: “We’re pleased that DeepOcean’s utilisation of the Port of Blyth for this important stage of this leading offshore project has been a success and that the project can now continue on to the next phase. The Port’s reputation as a leading energy base has once again been enhanced by our involvement and we look forward to supporting similar projects in the future.”

Danny Kelkar, Senior Project Manager at DeepOcean, said: “The successful completion of the vessel to vessel spooling operation at Blyth on the internationally relevant Nemo Link project has again highlighted the expertise of the Port of Blyth and the value that they bring to such projects. The support from all disciplines of their business in the planning and execution of this operation has been very well received by DeepOcean and our partners.”

A joint project between National Grid Interconnector Limited, a subsidiary company of the UK’s National Grid PLC, and the Belgian Elia Group, the Nemo Link is due for completion in early 2019.

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