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Thome Opens Fleet Operations Hub

The Thome Group has opened a modern operations hub at its offices in Singapore to enhance the quality of its ship management services and reaction times to emergency responses.

The state-of-the-art facilities enables situational awareness for both duty-personnel and Thome’s crisis teams, providing high tech systems allowing remote tracking of individual ships in the fleet, passage planning, security risk assessment, weather routing, video conferencing, integrated vessel management system (NAU) implementation, and individual on-board CCTV remote monitoring by the hub. “The Operations Hub means that we now have an even closer control of our managed fleet, offering our clients up to date information and even greater improvements in our ship management services. The monitoring capabilities provided by the hub will enable us to direct our managed fleet more efficiently saving time and improving our operational efficiency,” said Claes Eek Thorstensen, President and CCO of the Thome Group. “Furthermore, in times of emergency we can react much more quickly and get faster and more accurate information about the situation in real time, allowing our crisis teams to make informed decisions on how to resolve any issues,” he continued. A great deal of care has also been given to the interior design of the hub as the staff manning the office need to be alert and able to react quickly to any given situation. Height-adjustable ergonomic tables and chairs, independent air-conditioning, anti-glare screens and dimmable lighting are just some of the enhancements for the office team who may have to spend long periods of time monitoring specific operational aspects of the fleet. If required, a room adjoining the hub can be used to set up a team to handle a crisis. Dividing walls can be used should a separate office be required and the crisis team can monitor live action from the hub using CCTV cameras installed in the facility. “The close monitoring of our managed fleet is essential for us to help optimise our operational efficiencies and I have no doubt that the creation of this hi-tech office will allow us to further improve our ship management services for our clients,” said Olav Nortun, CEO of the Thome Group.

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